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The two typical products of Bassano and of its area are authentic excellent products: the white asparagus DOP and the grappa.

The vegetable is famous for its compact tenderness and its delicate flavor. It can be enjoyed, between the end of March and the middle of June (from St. Joseph to St. Antony) in the delectable risotto or alla bassanese, “squashed” with eggs in an emulsion of oil, salt and pepper.

Grappa and spirits here are at home at least since, the year of founding of the company Nardini, the oldest grapperia in Italy, located on the Ponte degli Alpini, which still allows you to enjoy the liquor in the characteristic bars of the distillery of the epoch. Just a few steps away, there is a small museum dedicated to grappas and alike. To expand upon the traditional manufacturing, a visit to the Poli distilleries in Mason Vicentino is a must, between casks and antique alembics.

The white and red wines of Breganze, the selected olive oil of Pove, the characteristics bigoli dressed with the local sauce based on anchovies, the trout of the Brenta River and the mushrooms of the nearby mountains complete the range of a tasty and skillful gastronomy during any season of the year.

Upon request, the Bed & Breakfast Le Tre Querce can organize a gourmet lunch or dinner, with typical dishes based on the excellent local cuisines. Ask us and we will guide you in a delightful tasting trip amongst the best ingredients, wines and liquors of the territory.

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