A stay in Bassano del Grappa and its surrounding area, means to be able to enjoy an awesome artistic patrimony, panoramas, history, culture and sceneries for the open air activities.

We would like to briefly present it to your, to help you make your days as our guests of the Bed & Breakfast even more rich and fulfilling while satisfying every want or need.


Bassano del Grappa

At the crossroad of the provinces of Vicenza, Treviso, Padova, Belluno and Trento, Bassano del Grappa is and antique small city raised on the two banks of the Brenta River, where the Valsugana opens up to the south into the Pianura Veneta. Of Roman origin, it preserves in the center and in the neighborhood, many...
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The two typical products of Bassano and of its area are authentic excellent products: the white asparagus DOP and the grappa. The vegetable is famous for its compact tenderness and its delicate flavor. It can be enjoyed, between the end of March and the middle of June (from St. Joseph to St. Antony) in the...
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Asiago Plateau

  22 km (Rubbio) and 37 km (Asiago) from the B&B near Bassano del Grappa. The plateau which derives its name from its main center is one of the most suggestive places in Italy and an area of great touristic interest. Called also of the seven municipalities, those represented in the antique self-governed body of the...
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Monte Grappa

At 13 km (peak) from the Bed & Breakfast of Romano d’Ezzelino. The highest peak of the massif bearing the same name in the Veneto Pre-Alps (1.775 m), its slopes reached the municipal territory of Romano d’Ezzelino. It is considered sacred to the homeland due to the numerous and important military events which took place...
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Marostica and Nove

  At 12 and 10 km from the B&B of Romano d’Ezzelino. Distinguished by the two medieval city walls of Scaliger epoch, the Castello Superiore and the Castello Inferiore, Marostica is a lively town which holds two treasures. The Chess Game played on the square with live people, every two years on the first weekend of...
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Asolo and Possagno del Canova

At 15 and 13 km from the Bed & Breakfast in Romano d’Ezzelino. On the uplands, which connect the Venetian plain to the Belluno Pre-alps, Asolo is an antique hamlet considered amongst the most beautiful in Italy. It preserves Medieval structure and architectures, dominated by the Rocca, and architecture from the Renaissance, when it was...
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At 18 km from the B & B in the surroundings of Bassano. As the name disclose, it is amongst the most important and scenographic fortified city in the Veneto region. The city wall from the 1200, encloses the town. Essentially intact and with its four entrances, from where the main road departs, it determines...
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Bassano’s territory borders with the provinces of Belluno and Trento (the city is just a little over an hour from Romano d’Ezzelino and the B&B Le Tre Querce, and two hours by train from Bassano), homes of the most beautiful mountains in Europe, the Dolomites. Particularly, one can reach in just about ten minutes the...
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Venice and the Sea

The lagoon city is just one hour by train or by car from your room near Bassano dell Grappa. In addition to the Lido di Venezia, other seaside destinations which are easy to reach by car or with public transportation, are Jesolo Lido, Eraclea Mare, Caorle, Porto Santa Margherita, Duna Verde, Cavallino, Rosolina.

Verona and the Garda lake

The city of Juliet and Romeo and of the Scaligeri, rich of medieval monuments and important art collections, archeology and history, can be reached in about an hour and a half by car while by train, departing from Bassano, one will need between two to two and a half hours, taking into consideration some train exchanges....
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Padua Treviso and Vicenza

La città dei gran dottori, sede di una tra le università più antiche d’Europa, in cui insegnò Galileo Galilei e impreziosita da opere d’arte di tutte le epoche come il complesso di Prato della Valle, la Cappella degli Scrovegni affrescata da Giotto, il Palazzo della Ragione, la Basilica di Sant’Antonio e il celebre Caffè Pedrocchi...
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