Asolo and Possagno del Canova


At 15 and 13 km from the Bed & Breakfast in Romano d’Ezzelino.

On the uplands, which connect the Venetian plain to the Belluno Pre-alps, Asolo is an antique hamlet considered amongst the most beautiful in Italy. It preserves Medieval structure and architectures, dominated by the Rocca, and architecture from the Renaissance, when it was inhabited by the noble venetian family Caterina Cornaro, already Queen of Cyprus, with her court. Here have lived artists, intellectuals and travelers from all over the world, like Robert Browning and Freya Stark.

In Maser, by Asolo, there is Villa Barbaro, an absolute masterpiece by the architect Andrea Palladio.

In the village of Possagno was born the genius of the neo-classic sculpture, Antonio Canova. The artist designed the striking Temple, on the foreground of the mountains, which carries its name, while the center of the town hosts the museum obtained by the birth home of the sculptor and the plaster casts gallery, with all the preparatory molds of the most famous works of art, to be visited also during night tour shows by candlelight.